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Sonnet 23 Essays (526 words) - Sonnet 23, Sonnet, Sonnet 65

Piece 23 This piece exhibits Shakespeare's incredible capacity of playing with words. As per him an individual is tongue-tied when he has either excessively or too little to even consider saying. He shows his thought by giving a case of an unperfect on-screen character who overlooks his lines in front of an audience and all the more inquisitively, some furious thing whose heart is debilitated by the heaviness of his own quality. This utilization of Catch 22 adds force to the work and establishes the framework for the accompanying quatrain. The principal quatrain resembles the quiet before a tempest; the manner in which it is introduced proposes that there is something else entirely to come. The on-screen character and the mammoth are gathered to serve just as analogs to Shakespeare's twofold edged systematic introduction in quatrain 2 of affection's struggled absence of words: So I, because of a paranoid fear of trust, neglect to state The ideal function of affection's ritual, What's more, in mine own affection's quality appear to rot, O'ercharged with weight of mine own affection's strength. The persona here looks at him to the characters enticed in Q1. In a section, for example, this, the separation between the creating creator and the imaginary speaker nearly evaporates, as it is extremely simple to envision that Shakespeare, an ace of articulation, would reveal to himself that an ideal function of affection could be concocted. Another viewpoint deserving of note is the manner in which the expression mine own affection's has been utilized more than once; in line 7 the persona talks about the rot of his adoration and in the following line he discusses its quality. This twofold stranglehold is an amazingly intriguing case, and is perfectly communicated here. The first and second quatrains can be coupled together as they essentially depict a similar thought. The poem consequently can be isolated into two sections rather than four. An octet followed by a sestet. While the octet talks about the persona's tongue-tiedness, the sestet is a request to his dearest to comprehend the profundity of his adoration. 'O, let my books be then the expert articulation/And stupid presagers of my talking bosom?' the persona here wishes that his composing be the quiet and honest foreteller of all the adoration in his heart. Q3, in indicating the darling's inclination for an adversary writer, tongue that more hath progressively communicated, attributes the tongue-tiedness of the speaker to his new impression of the degraded judgment practiced by the adored. From the start, because of a paranoid fear of trust (line 5) may appear to mean, dreading my own forces, yet when the anonymous adversary enters the scene (line 12), we see the tongue-tiedness rather as a dread of confiding in the conceivably irresolute dearest. Besides, the verbal parallelism of the octet is supplanted by an unpredictable line-movement as the persona's fomentation accomplishes full power. The sestet closes with the baffling dumbfounded state of the darling finding a method of talking, by going astray into the third individual in the last line: To hear with eyes has a place with adores fine mind. It is a maxim begat by the persona and it fairly refutes his insufficiency. It has a feeling of pride and gives an ideal end to the sonnet. Shakespeare Essays

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Customer Service Representative Resume Examples, Template, and Resume Tips

Customer Service Representative Resume Examples, Template, and Resume Tips In this day and age, material goods are at the disposal of the wide populace like never before in history. With the growth of the offer and demand for various items, the role of people in the world of commerce is growing ever so important.This fact cannot be overstated enough when it comes to the position of a customer service representative!Are you good at multitasking and human relations? Are you quick to respond to any inquiry a customer may have? Do you have excellent trouble-shooting skills? Are you communicative, easy to adapt, and eager to proactively find solutions to various customer issues?If that’s the case then this is a perfect job for you!But to get the job uniquely suited to your skills and/or previous job experiences (having previous job experience in the industry is always an advantage), you must first apply for it, and in order to apply, you need to write a resume.However, it must be said that the competition for any job position is fierce!That’s why it’s so i mportant for your resume to stand out, so your potential employers could notice and pick you.But don’t worry! We’re here to help you write the perfect resume, where you’ll display all your skills, education, work habits and abilities with precision and clarity!In this guide, we will show you how to impress your potential employers with your professionally written resume.It takes a bit of time to write a good resume, and you also need to know what to put in, in which order, and what you need to leave out.Your resume should have answers to the following questions:What is it that makes you stand out among your competition?How are the various section of your resume ordered?Is there a pattern/template for writing a CSR resume?What is the proper length of the CSR resume?This guide will offer the answers to these questions, and give you some practical examples of customer service representative resumes, which we will analyze in-depth to see just how to write a perfect customer servic e representative resume!Customer Service Representative Resume Example Right Customer Service Representative Resume Sample Right Create your own resumeDYI: WRITING YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE RESUMEJust like we promised, we’ll start with examples of properly written CSR resumes. In the next part of the text, we’ll go through them step by step and teach you how to write your very own resume.What your resume is, essentially, is a longer and more detailed version of a business card, of sorts, a condensed representation of you and your customer service skills.That’s why the first thing you should start with is your first and last name, profession, address, and the most important contacts, such as phone and cell phone numbers and your professional email address.And since social networks are major players when it comes to communication, it would also be useful to add a couple of your social network accounts.Let us delve into the process of writing your CSR resume! It’s a pretty simple thing to once you learn the ropes, and we’re here to help you do just that!In the Beginning, There Was a NameLike we’ve mentioned earlier, your resume is kind of like your business card, and the first thing we see on a business card is the person’s name. That’s how you should start when writing your resume: with your full name and last name.Writing your full name and surname is more important than you think. Doing so demonstrates your levels of professional etiquette and how serious of a job candidate you are. Under no circumstances should you use your nicknames, however witty and entertaining they may be.There are exceptions to this rule of course (in the entertaining industry, from gaming to acting, nicknames and aliases are allowed, written next to your real name), but in most professional environments, using your full name and your full name alone is mandatory.Let’s see how this works in one of the examples from above. The resume of both Franklin Snow and Diana Spaulding starts with their full name and last name and not a nickname.If Franklin chose to write Frankie instead of Frank lin, he would most likely not be taken into consideration by most of his potential employers.Franklin Snow RightFrankie Snow WrongCSRs! What is Your Profession?!In order for you get the job you applied for, you’ll need to state your profession just under your name.The reason for this is because your potential employers want to see whether or not you have any experience in the field.But what if this is the very first job you’re applying for? What if you don’t have a job title?The anxiety in this regard is understandable, but don’t be too alarmed. Simply state your highest education title instead of the job title, and you’re all set.THE PORTRAIT OF A CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE AS A POTENTIAL EMPLOYEEIt has become a custom for the applicants to add a photo into their resume, and today, literally everyone is doing that.However, when adding photos, people make the same mistakes en masse, almost always starting with this one: using photos from their various social network accounts.It’s not that your pictures from your vacation or a friend’s birthday party aren’t beautiful, there’s nothing wrong with them per se.Yet, using those kinds of photos in a professional setting is considered to be highly inappropriate.To see just what and what not to do when taking a photo for your resume, take look at the table below.Photo instructionsA pleasant, natural smileNeat haircutModerate amounts of make-upNo beard/Trimmed beardProper-looking environmentFormal attireStraight posture RightPhoto instructionsFake smile or grinningMessy and bad-looking haircutExaggerated use of make-upA bushy, messy beardBusy and colorful surroundingsSweatpants and hoodieSlacked posture WrongPay attention to these instructions, and you’ll have a perfect resume photo!Writing Down Your Phone NumberDespite the influence and accessibility social networks and emails provide, it’s always useful to include your phone number into the resume, and for several reasons.Firstly, recrui ters often use phone calls to gauge out the level of your communication skills (this goes double for the call center recruiters), and some of them simply prefer calling you over sending you an email.Secondly, emails can often be buggy and not work properly, as is often the case with all types of technology. Mails often either end up either not received or in the spam folder.That’s why we recommend you to leave your phone number, just in case.Oh, Brother, Whence Dost Thou Come?Adding your home address is not always necessary, but just like adding your phone number, it has its uses.For example, if you’re applying for a position in a large, multinational company with offices all over the country (or world!), there’s a good chance for you to be placed in the office closest to your home.Also, if you live far away from the offices, you’ll probably get a slightly higher salary to pay for transportation.Adding your Email â€" Dos and DontsMuch like your picture, your email address ca n also send a message regarding the levels of your professional demeanor and seriousness.When adding an email, make sure it does not consist of random letters and numbers, or some of your nicknames.It could also prove wise to make a separate email account for job-related matters if you don’t have a more “serious” email.Take a look at this WrongSo yes â€" always use your full name, or a variation of your full name, never a nickname! Also, when making a business email, make sure you choose the more well-known providers. You can never go wrong with Google and Yahoo.The (Condensed) Story of Your (Professional) LifeAs you can see when observing the examples we showed you, one of the key parts of your customer service representative resume is, of course, the summary.Summaries are not supposed to be long. You need only 4 or 5 sentences to present the basic information about your experiences in your field of expertise, t he length of the said experience, some new professional/personal skills you gained in the process, and some accomplishments if any.Depending on the content of your summary, people from the HR department may or may not hire you.Observe these examples:SummaryAn economist with 4 years of experience working as a customer service representative. Working both small and big companies made her a capable communicator, outgoing and full of understanding for every customer’s needs and demands, and able to efficiently resolve any issue they may have. RightSummaryAn economist with 4 years of experience working as a customer service representative. WrongWhy is the summary on the left right, and the summary on the right wrong?Summary on the right is not wrong per se, but it is severely lacking in detail. The recruiters get dozens of job applications a day, but around 90% of them have these super-short summaries.Such a summary does nothing to make you stand out, and for you to get the interview invitation, standing out is a must.That’s why you should avoid generic resumes at all costs.Add more details and write about certain activities related to your previous CSR experiences. This will help you get noticed by the recruiters, and if they notice you, chances are they’ll call you to schedule an interview.Take care not to write too long of a summary! You want to share as much relevant info as possible within as few sentences as possible. Don’t write too much!PES: Pro Experience SectionAfter the summary part, we start getting serious. This means it’s now the time to write about your previous experiences and related jobs.When it comes to this section of the resume, the vast majority of people list every single job they’ve ever had in their lives, from babysitting their neighbor’s kids to being a customer service representative in the local accounting company.Thus, we need to answer two questions here:How far back do we go with listing jobs?What jobs should we list? When it comes to listing previous jobs, start from your latest job and go backwards from that. And as for the job you need to list, this is the golden rule: ONLY THE RELEVANT ONES!Your customer service representative resume should have only the jobs connected to your fields of expertise listed within the resume.However, don’t simply list your previous jobs. Write about your responsibilities there, and especially about your accomplishments.For example, write about how you successfully dealt with major shipment misplacement or a particularly troublesome customer.This is a great way of displaying your customer service representative capabilities, thus increasing your chances of getting the job you applied for.We Do Need Some Education…Listing your schools in your customer service representative resume works in pretty much the same way as listing previous jobs. Here, too, we use the backward chronology.Always start with your highest level of education: the name of your college, year s of study, and the type of diploma, then go backward, finishing with your high school.If you have a rich job career with many jobs, we strongly suggest not spending too much time and space in your resume on giving an overly detailed list of schools. Just list your college and your school, and you’re all set. Right WrongAdding some interesting details about your college/high school education is also a useful idea, just like with job experience.Getting on the Dean’s list for several semesters in a row is another useful information, though we advise against stating it unless the conditions for it were higher than customary.…And Some Useful Skills to Boot!The more skills you have, the better your quality of both your business and your private life. Your potential employer should know about your skills, so this part of your customer service representative resume serves to do just that.Again, this part of the resume should also be concise, yet informative, so the skills you need to list are only those connected to the job position you’re applying to.Take a look at this example:SkillsInterpersonal skills: GreatTroubleshooting skills: ExcellentCommunicative skills: ExcellentAdministrative skills: Great RightSkillsGeekGamerPainter WrongIt’s nice to be skillful when it comes to your hobbies, but unless they’re connected to your job, you shouldn’t bring them up in your resume. List only the relevant skills, and don’t describe them in too many details!ADDITIONAL TIPS: HOW TO MAKE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE RESUME LOOK EVEN MORE PROFESSIONALThis it! You have all the essential tips and tricks when it comes to writing a perfect CSR resume. You know what to add, you know what to exclude, and you know how to properly organize it.Is there any place for improvement?Absolutely!Let us give you some additional tips about how to make your CSR resume even better, both aesthetically and structurally.Proper Font Makes the Resume Prettier. There aren’t too many hard rules when it comes to choosing a font for your resume. The best thing you can do, however, is to choose a font that matches the resume template you’re using, though almost any other font will work just fine. Avoid using the hand-written font! This font, however beautiful from the aesthetic point of view , is not that easy to read, and you really don’t want to make it hard for your recruiters to read your resume!Resume Size Matters. Like we already mentioned, overly long resumes are always to be avoided. You don’t wish to bombard the recruiters with excess information about yourself. Concise and relevant are the keywords here. Thusly, your resume should be one page long, two at most. Add only the information that is connected to your skills and experiences in your field of expertise, remove unnecessary words and phrases, and everything should be just the way you need it to be.Bulleting Lists â€" Useful and Pretty. Bulletins are extremely useful when writing a resume. Not only do they make it look neat and well organized, but they also make it easier for the recruiters to get the necessary information about you and compare those with the job requirements.Mind the File Format. When it comes to choosing your resume’s file format you can’t go wrong with the TXT format. It’s th e most common type of format and can be read by most of the document readers. TXT format is also easy to edit, which is a great bonus when it comes to keeping your resume and the relevant info up to date. PDF file, on the other hand, is prettier and easier to read, and it is widely used for books. However, it’s slightly harder to edit, which can be a real bother at times. Our suggestion would be for you to have two copies of your resume: one in TXT and the other in PDF file format. You can quickly and easily edit the TXT version, then convert it into the PDF more professional looking PDF version.Equipping CSR Resume with Proper Template. Other than bulletins, templates can help you with organizing and composing your customer service representative resume. Most of the resume templates out there are composed to look very neat and precise. However, it may be best at times for you to make your own template. In case you don’t have the time to spend on doing this you can always downlo ad some premade templates from various websites. Just chose one which best reflects your personality and the job position you’re applying for. Here are some templates for you to choose from!Read and Read Again. So, your resume is finished, and everything looks well. All you need to do is hit the send button and wait for the good news, right? Well, wrong! The golden rule after writing your customer service representative resume is to reread it, and more than once! You want to avoid any grammar mistakes, accidental or otherwise! Go through the resume carefully, send it to a friend to check it for you just in case you’ve missed something, and send it after you’re absolutely sure all’s well. You also use the Grammarly site to check the grammar and make sure that no mistakes are made.Political Opinions in a Customer Service Representative Resume. There’s nothing wrong with having your political beliefs and opinions, but should you put them in your CSR resume. Well, that’s a b it of a tricky issue. There is nothing wrong with adding them to your resume if you’re sure that your potential employers share them. There may even be some benefits to that as well. However, if the recruiters disagree with you, or favor a party opposing yours, then you’ll probably just ruin your chances of getting a job. Even in the case they do, you’ll never be sure whether they hired you because of your qualities, or simply because you’re all members of the same party. That’s why you should probably avoid sharing your political opinions in your resume, and stick to only the most relevant themes â€" your skills and experiences.Resume Update. Age of information is the age of quickly advancing changes, heavily reflects in the business sphere. Jobs are also easier to find than in the past, and with the new job opportunities often suddenly appear, you better keep your resume updated so you can send at the moment’s notice. One must always be prepared for any eventuality!Lia r, Liar, Chances to Get the Job on Fire. We all heard the stories of people who lied about something in their resumes. Some of them may have even recommended to you to also embellish the truth for a bit. Our advice to you is: don’t. Just don’t. It’s a terrible idea. Lying in your customer service representative resume may give you some advantage, but that advantage is short-lived at best. There will come the moment where you’ll have to prove you can walk the walk, not just talk the talk, and then what? For example, you lied that you speak fluent Norwegian in your resume, which gave you an edge over your competitor. You’re convinced that there’s no way you’ll ever have to actually use this “skill”, so your secret would be safe. Or at least that’s what you think. One day, your superiors ask you to deal with a Norwegian customer who calls from Norway, but since their English is very bad, they ask if someone speaks Norwegian. Your superiors call you to resolve the si tuation. And since you don’t really speak the language, you fail miserably. Consequences: a failed task, a deeply unsatisfied customer, some very, very unhappy bosses. Finally â€" you’re unceremoniously fired. Never lie in your resume. By lying, you’re not only endangering the systems and networks entrusted to you, but you’re also endangering your own career.CONCLUSIONThat’s all folks! These are some basic instructions about writing your customer service representative resume.You’ve seen some examples of a well-written resume, you know what to write and how to organize it, and you also know what not to do, which is equally important.Get a resume template from the internet (or simply make your own) add only the relevant information about your skills, previous job experience, and accomplishments, and whatever you do, do not lie! It’s not ethical, and it can be more dangerous than you realize.Now get out there, write and submit your resumes, and best of luck! Create your own resume

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Anesthetizing Our Youth a Commentary on Over Medicating...

â€Å"ADHD is the most extensively studied pediatric mental health disorder, yet controversy and public debate over the diagnosis and medication treatment of the disorder continue to exist.† (Connor D., P.1, 2011) Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is often a debated subject when the method of treatment is being discussed because it has become a trending issue to over medicate children with ADHD. A fitting label for the trend is the anesthetization of our youth, caused by government agency expansion and pharmaceutical allowances, and blame parents not advocating for their child better. The trend of over medicating children with ADHD is labeled well with the phrase anesthetization of our youth. â€Å"Anesthetize- deprive if feeling or awareness.† (Oxford Dictionary, 2014) Many children often express to their parents that they feel as if they are a walking zombie. A child may find that they are having memory issues, are not quite themselves, and feel overly drowsy. â€Å"ADHD medications often change a child’s personality creating what many kids with ADHD (and their parents) refer to as a zombie state or making them more aggressive.† (Barnett H., P. 1, 2013) Children with ADHD have other options for treatment but unfortunately medications are pushed on them at an alarming rate. The government paved the road for the pharmaceutical industry for ADHD medications in the 1990’s. â€Å"Before 1970, the diagnosis of ADHD was relatively rare for school children and almost nonexistent for

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Hope Springs Eternal Rita Hayworth and Shawshank...

Hope Springs Eternal: Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King A wise man once said, â€Å"Memory is the library of the mind.† All of the events in one’s life, ranging from birth to the present, are stored in this complex catalog of experience. There they remain untouched and collecting dust until a time of need, much like the scores of books found in today’s libraries. No matter how obscure, their topics represent the various trials of life that build one’s character and forever serve as the most reliable source of the human psyche. The novella, â€Å"Hope Springs Eternal: Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption†, is part of a collection of stories that comprise Stephen King’s book Different Seasons which was first published†¦show more content†¦At first, he has a difficult time making friends thanks to his reputation of being â€Å"a snob and a coldfish† (King 27). He is very different from the other prisoners, partly because he knows he is not guilty and thus wears this confidence on his sleeve. It is the memory of his former freedom which provokes this seemingly arrogant attitude that both helps and hinders him. Nevertheless, this behavior serves as the very thing that first attracts the narrator, Red, to Andy. Not a man to be easily impressed nor persuaded, it comes as quite a shock to the reader that these two polar opposites form a bond. Red is able to see past what the other inmates label as â€Å"snobbishness† and instead takes comfort in Andy’s nonchalant approach to life and the tone of confidence that consumes him. Red views Andy as a much needed breath of fresh air to his musty routine within the Shank. However, it seems that their budding friendship is initially a greater asset to Red than it is to Andy. Although it may help Andy begin to find his place, he is primarily concerned with his own well-being, which is sustained only by his memories and not by the companionship of a stranger. An addition to this list of survival to ols is Andy’s ability to keep his mind on the outside rather than focusing on the finality of prison life. His capacity to do so separates him from his peers, in that he becomes one of the few â€Å"long timers† able to avoid the characteristic walk, that in a

Essay Social Security Free Essays

Social Security Issue The current Social Security system should be replaced by a mandatory private pension system. The current system entails workers being forced to give a certain percentage of money out of their pay checks to Social Security. This tax money is used to pay benefits to retired people, disabled people, survivors of workers who have died, and dependents of beneficiaries (SSA). We will write a custom essay sample on Essay Social Security or any similar topic only for you Order Now To most, this system sounds unfair because workers put in hours of labor for a paycheck that religiously has money taken out for someone else’s retirement, disability, etc. however, people for this system believe this benefits everyone because workers are not in control of their own specific retirement fund so poor decisions cannot be made. In reality, people should be able to control the fate of their own retirement funds because they can decide when the money is necessary, which can be done by making the change to a private pension system. The current Social Security system creates a lot of concern because of the accelerating demographic factors (NCPA). Life expectancy is increasing faster than expected — in 1940, a 65-year-old man could expect to live another 12 years, today it’s 15 years; the fertility rate is falling faster than expected — from 3. 6 children for a typical woman of child-bearing age in 1960 to just two today; and the elderly portion o f the population is expected to rise from 12 percent today to 20 percent by 2050 — increasing the number of retirees from 34 million to 80 million† (NCPA). The decreasing working population combined with the rising elderly population means the number of elderly people needing benefits will be greater than the number of working people providing the money for those benefits (NCPA). Because of these statistics, the favor for a private pension system is growing so workers can save their taxes for their individual retirements. With a private pension system as opposed to the current, honored system, the working class has more control over their retirement funds because for one, they would be earning the money for themselves, and two, the money would be in a private account for them. With the money accumulating in a private account, it is not exposed to risk. â€Å"These federally regulated personal accounts would allow individuals to invest only in diversified, approved utual funds and not in single stocks or highly volatile stocks† (Procon). In addition to its added personal safety, a private system would help the economy. â€Å"Privatizing Social Security into individual investment accounts would boost economic growth by injecting money back into America’s failing financial system† (Procon). With the economic growth this would cause, there could be a possible decrease in unemployment rates, pulling the economy out of the current recession. In conclusion, the switch from the current Social Security system to a mandatory private pension system is ideal not only for the working class, but also for the environment. Even with the criticism that a private pension system would tempt workers to make poor decisions with their retirement funds, people should have control over the money they make and be able to determine their own fate. Working for a paycheck that loses a percentage of its total to be given to the current retirees, the disabled, etc. s unfair and will discourage the working class. A private pension system that will actually save an individual’s own money will be more motivating to work towards and will better prepare him or her for their elderly years. Works Cited NCPA. â€Å"Social Security Problems Accelerating. † NCPA. org. National Center for Policy Analysis, 2012. Web. 18 Mar. 2012. . Procon. â€Å"Privatize Social Security. † Procon. org. Procon, 13 Mar. 2012. Web. 18 Mar. 2012. . SSA. â€Å"Social Security. † Ssa. gov. Social Security Administration, Mar. 2012. Web. 18 Mar. 2012. . How to cite Essay Social Security, Essay examples

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The relationship between Capulet and Juliet Essay Example

The relationship between Capulet and Juliet Essay One of the main themes in the play Romeo and Juliet is that of the generation gap between the young and the old. The younger generation have new and innovative ways of doing things, whilst the older generation tend to stick with the traditions they have grown up with. The misunderstanding between the younger and older characters in the play causes many of the dilemmas that the characters face.At the beginning of the play Lord Capulet (also referred to as Capulet) seems an honourable and welcoming character, who is willing to keep the peace between the house of Montague and of his own. When confronted at the start of the play by his son Tybalt about Romeos gate-crashing of the Capulets house party he shows a warm and welcoming attitude towards him and says Verona brags of him to be a virtuous and well governed youth, this is a peculiar thing for a Capulet to say about a Montague as there is such a high level of hatred between the two families. Capulet cares tremendously about his daug hter Juliet and only wants what is best for her. As all of Capulets children have died and Juliet is the only child remaining he is mildly overprotective of her. For example when he is speaking to Paris about marrying Juliet he says And too soon marriedall my hopes but she.Throughout the play Juliet faces a variety of emotional challenges; this ensures a young and naà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ve Juliet has to mature above her age in a short period of time. These obstacles include her marriage to Romeo and her relationship with her father Capulet. In Act 1 Scene 2 Capulet says to his daughter My child is yet a stranger in the world. This supports the idea that she is naà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ve and immature in the first half of the play. At the start of the play her language is normal and the fact she does not have much antithesis. As the play progresses her language intensifies and we see a humble, outgoing and responsible character that seems very different person to the Juliet earlier on in the play.Anothe r key feature of the play is the Ancient grudge. This ultimately leads to the death of the star crossed lovers. The younger generation do not understand the danger the hatred between the two houses can put them in. Romeo and Juliet could die if someone as much saw them together in the play. Romeo and Juliet overcome this dilemma as they are willing to risk their lives for the love they have for each other. Shakespeares play contains a great deal of dramatic irony, this gives the play a feeling of suspense as the two characters could get caught at any time. Just after the first fight scene in the play Lady Capulet says to Capulet A crutch, a crutch. Lady Capulet is implying that Capulet is too old to fight in a younger generations battle. This is yet another example of age vs youth.Many people would say that another major role in the outcome of the play is the urgency for Romeo and Juliet. In the Jacobean times that average life expectancy would be around the age of 35 and therefore you can see why Capulet is eager to marry off Juliet since she is at an age where she can bear children. We know this as Lady Capulet says Shes not fourteen. Although Lady Capulet is very strict and unforgiving throughout the play I believe that she cares immensely for her daughter and only wants a successful and happy marriage for her. When she mistakes Juliets tears as grief for Tybalts death at hands of Romeo she promises vengeance for his death by poisoning Romeo in Mantua We will have vengeance for it, fear thou not: Then weep no more. Ill send one to Mantua.Act 3 Scene 5 is where Capulets relationship with Juliet is broadly illustrated. At the start of the scene Lady Capulet enters her daughters room and puts forward the proposition of a marriage between her and Paris. Marry my child early next Thursday morn the gallant.county Parisshall happily make thee there a joyful bride. Juliet dismisses this offer without a thought of how much this marriage means to the Capulet househol d. Capulet then enters the room and is greeted by Juliets refusal to marry Paris.Lord Capulet then unleashes a flurry of hurtful outbursts which include If you do not go to Church on Thursdayhang, beg, starve, die in the streets for by my soul I will never acknowledge thee. This is a very hurtful and malicious to make his only remaining child and daughter Juliet is only trying to tell her father that she is not in love with Paris and wont marry him. We can make the assumption that Capulet thinks that Juliet is being ungrateful and rebellious by dismissing her fathers offer for her to marry Paris.Juliet also shows that she is an understanding and honourable character at various stages throughout the play both to her family and to people such as Romeo and the Nurse. One of these examples is in Act 4 Scene 1 where Juliet remains loyal and honourable to Romeo despite her conversation with Friar Lawrence about the arranged marriage to Paris and that of her committing suicide when she say s And I will.wife to my sweet love where she is talking about faking her own death just so she can be Romeos unstained wife.Juliets character goes through several life changing scenarios in one period of time that you would expect to encounter in a lifetime. This leads me to my conclusion where I can say that Juliet as a character shows great courage, maturity and self-awareness throughout the play. This statement could not be presented in a better example than that of Juliet faking her own death just so she can spend the rest of her life with her true love Romeo. Out of the characters among the play Romeo and Juliet, Juliet stands out as the true survivor although she died as she has overcome so many impediments and yet still matured and matured until she reached the point where she put her love before her well being and sacrificed her life, friends and family to be with her one true love Romeo.